The Early Years: Seymour the Dragon

I’d asked Mum to dig out some old photos for something I’m working on which resulted in “the box” being opened, inside it was a treasure trove or crap from mine, Adam’s and Lizy’s Past. It’s not the only box either, others are at “the lock up” which I’ve never been to but can only imagine its like that warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark except full of old toys and school reports. Some of them made me laugh my ass off (especially my homework about the time I went on holiday to Wales) so I figured they deserved to be preserved digitally and shared with the world.

Today’s tale is of Seymour the Dragon taken from Thursday the 9th January 1992.

Once upon a time there was a Dragon Called Seymour, he lived in a cave with his mum and his dad. None of his friends like him becuase he breathes rain and snow instead of fire.

Few things I think worth pointing out with this epic tome which some fucker obviously stole and used it as the basis for Skyrim.

  • This was in my religious education exercise book of all things, don’t remember Jesus having a dragon.
  • I received a tick for my masterpiece and another for the fantastic piece of artwork which accompanied it depicting a lonesome Seymour the dragon in the woods.
  • My spelling hasn’t improved in the slightest, the only difference is that my computer fixes it for me now.
  • A rain and snow breathing dragon would kick a regular dragons arse… I was on to something back then.
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