A forgotten sonnet to an old girlfriend.

So I finally got around to adding my Gmail account to the mail thingy on my Mac. Much to my annoyance it lit up and started downloading every message I have ever sent or received in the history of ever! Then just when I thought it had finished it start downloading a stack of other stuff I never knew existed. I think they may have been notes I had on my iPhone as most of them were shopping lists. There were two that stood out though the first being one that simply read “sticky floor bollocks” and another which I wrote on the 15h of July 2010. A sonnet to an old girl friend.

On the 24th aug 2007 at 18 mins past one. Sue came into my life, she was beautiful.

I knew from that moment on I was in love. There was something about her subtle curves and the the way she lit up when I touched her. We would sit up ’till late talking to friends, she kept me company when I was lonely and she was always there when I needed her.

We saved the universe together more than once.

Today as I put her back in the box, I feel a slight guilt trading her in for a younger model with larger storage and built in wifi. I’m so sorry sue I hope you find a new home with somebody who will love you as much as I did.

They were Goodtimes :’) xxx


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