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How To Run SWTOR On A Mac.

I spent the best part of the weekend trying to install SWTOR on my MacBook Pro (early 2011) why did it take me the best part of the weekend? You’ll find out in a bit, but it was in part to me not knowing what the hell I was doing and the scatters of info spread across the net to fix all the little problems I encountered along the way.

What you’ll need:

  1. A Mac (I’m running Lion – don’t know how similar this is on the other versions)
  2. Genuine copy of windows 7 (has to be 7 if you are using Lion… I think) on CD.
  3. Blank DVD or USB thumbtack
  4. Internet connection
  5. At least 40GB free HDD space
  6. The best part of an evening
  7. A SWTOR subscription

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Gamestations Sinister Survey

So I had this email from gamestation today coz i’m one of those elite gamers innit. Here’s a copy

Dear Lee

As a key recruit to The Gamestation Elite we need your help. We’re exploring attitudes towards trade-in: why is it some people trade-in their old games or hardware and why is it some people just simply don’t? It’s a great opportunity for you to help us out and to improve the experience that we can provide to The Gamestation Elite.

If you could help us out with your thoughts in response to this questionnaire you will officially rule and as an added awesome bonus for helping us out, every respondent will be entered into a prize draw to win a 3DS!

For your chance to win fill out this survey!

All of your answers and details will be kept confidential in accordance with the MRS code of conduct.

Your views are important! We don’t call you the Elite for nothing, so spare us a few minutes of your time and help us plan our future for world domination.

The Gamestation Elite
Over and out!

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weird day in games

so today this happened

which was awesome, but then this happened

which is FUBAR, but then microsoft dropped all this

which is everywhere on the net (nice round up is here!xbox360/5768792)

Then I read some stupid Pre order bonuses for LA Noire which will make pre ordering a pain in the arse

and then the story of a girl who signed up to that daft arse gamecrush website which you can read here

It was either this today or the story of how I forgot my phone – this seemed the better option nunnite all


Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is with out question one of the most beautiful car based screensavers out there at the moment. The soundtrack is gentle and helps relax you as you stare over the hills into the sunset. At £43 it’s a bit on the steep side I know but as you progress through the screen saver you’ll unlock more new scenes and even different cars, your choice is limited though but hopefully Atari will provide us with some new DLC soon that unlocks new cars and locales. The controls are simple and all the player needs to do is press start – however I did find that using the LB button works just as well.


  • Looks pretty
  • Is a good way to protect your TV from the BBC HD screen ident.
  • soothing music


  • you cant drive or interact with the cars
  • no online mode
  • you don’t get to see much of Ibiza
  • no casinos
  • it could do with some cheesy dialogue
  • no F.R.I.M. System
  • you cant open any kind of car club
  • you cant change the scene to a different island from the last screen saver – test drive unlimited 1
  • you cant get plastic surgery
  • the dirty looking girl from the back of the box is no where to be scene
  • the pegi rating shows sex – I see no sex
  • no co-op screen saver action
  • the music is now annoying me


Not as good as other screen savers I have seen and at such a high price I would expect more. The promise of sex and bad language on the box left me disappointed too. Apparently Atari used to make games, you’d of fooled me, if you want something more from your screen savers let me recommend Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit or Marine Aquarium this is… well…


8 out of 10

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Tales from the Wasteland: Apathy

Saw this on the side of a wrecked train car in the wasteland made me smile.
I also helped these crazy fuckers climb into some crap shack rockets to get them to some promised land.
I hope they made it ok, it was a ropey looking take off :S

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Things you should read about Bobby Kotick

I know the world hates him but he’s actually got a really interesting story behind him,

Have a read of this interview A Delightful Chat With the Most Hated Man in Video Games You’ll learn about how Howard Hughes is responsible for Activision’s existence in the world, his problem with EA and how he feels about his image. It actually makes you start to think differently about the guy. I’d watch a movie about it all no problem just for the part about how he came into the money and for the bit where Steve Jobs throws a paddy at him.

This Article in Forbes Activision’s Unlikely Hero gives you a complete history of his business decisions and details everything with from guitar hero to the merger with Blizzard back in 2007.

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Disc Twitching Sunday

Woke up at a reasonable hour after last weeks lie-in that made me pissed off because I’d missed the whole day so I figured why not get some gaming in, something I’ve not done to much of because I cant help but watch Mad Men every free moment I get.

Figured I’d start the day with some GT.TV in which big Reggie tries to defend the $40 price tag for Nintendo 3DS games and almost ends up panning angry birds (coming soon to the Nintendo 3DS). Sorry big Reggie but if EA can make games for the iOS like Dead Space and Mirrors edge for just seven quid to the end user you’ve not got much of a leg to stand on.

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WoW: I ask some dumb questions.

Went back to Azeroth today after quite a while, now your average World of Warcraft player I’m sure will get a good laugh out of this and my n00bish ways but here are just a few of the stupid questions I have asked and things I’ve said today.

But to everybody else these are valid questions that need answering.

  • Where is this lunar festival lady the chick by the bank told me to find?
  • Why has everybody got a dragon?
  • When do I get an assault rifle?
  • How do I get more pets?
  • Can I get a helicopter?
  • Why are these horde guys killing me?
  • How come I can only make dynamite?
  • How come you can turn into a wolf?
  • What’s the auction house?
  • How do I teleport out of here?
  • Which way did ben go?
  • Recipe book?
  • Why are these horde guys still trying to kill me?
  • What’s this wood stuff for?
  • Where do I get those bag things from?
  • So do I click on the dice or the coin?
  • I called my dinosaur MarkuzR, he has gimpy arms.
  • Am I supposed to read what this guy is saying?
  • Where’s that guy with the bird things?
  • “where are you?”
    “in stormwind”
    “yes I know but where?”
    “err near the shop?”
  • What’s this teleportation rock do?
  • What am I supposed to do with all this stuff I pick up?
  • What’s a low level quest?
  • What’s a bind do?
  • Do you want any of this crap stuff I picked up?

Hit level 30 today, I think they call that a ding or something.
Thanks to my guild/club thing for answering my dumb arse questions.

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Tales from the Wasteland: The Cowboy Robot

So I went back to Fallout this week. Hadn’t got very far into the game when I played it last year and I was a little put off it until a patch came out.

At the start of the game I met a friendly cowboy robot by the name of Victor who pointed me in the right direction as I left town which might as well of been called tutorialville . A fair walk out of town I got in a bit of a mess with a pack of geckos, I nearly died :O lucky for me Victor come rolling to the rescue and shot the shit out the little buggers, before dusting me off and sending me on my way to a town called Primm.

Bit of messing about in Primm trying to save the deputy sheriff (why the towns folk asked me I don’t know – I just had to be saved from a pack of geckos!) Lucky for me though I had some pre order DLC which gave me a grenade launcher. Deputy saved, job done and on my way out of town. As I leave I spot the friendly silhouette of the cowboy robot as the sun sets behind him in the distance.

On my way to Novac now, I hear they have a dinosaur there 😀

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