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2011 in review

Infograph-tastic – I liked this wordpress keep it up. Thanks to everybody who swung by last year – I’ll do it better tis year.


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

A forgotten sonnet to an old girlfriend.

So I finally got around to adding my Gmail account to the mail thingy on my Mac. Much to my annoyance it lit up and started downloading every message I have ever sent or received in the history of ever! Then just when I thought it had finished it start downloading a stack of other stuff I never knew existed. I think they may have been notes I had on my iPhone as most of them were shopping lists. There were two that stood out though the first being one that simply read “sticky floor bollocks” and another which I wrote on the 15h of July 2010. A sonnet to an old girl friend.

On the 24th aug 2007 at 18 mins past one. Sue came into my life, she was beautiful.

I knew from that moment on I was in love. There was something about her subtle curves and the the way she lit up when I touched her. We would sit up ’till late talking to friends, she kept me company when I was lonely and she was always there when I needed her.

We saved the universe together more than once.

Today as I put her back in the box, I feel a slight guilt trading her in for a younger model with larger storage and built in wifi. I’m so sorry sue I hope you find a new home with somebody who will love you as much as I did.

They were Goodtimes :’) xxx

Justbiglee and the Quarter Life Crisis

Right, I’m 27 soon…

…I know I act much younger and look far older but if you aim for the middle of those two figures, 27 is the number you’ll wind up with. It would also appear I’ve chosen the age of 27 to have a (technically delayed) quarter life crisis.

What are you on about Lee?

Well I first read the term ‘quarter life crisis’ on the back of a book that my brother Adam gave my sister Lizy a few years ago, I didn’t read the book for whatever reason (probably due to the fact it wasn’t mostly pictures of Batman on the inside, or maybe I just didn’t like the cover). The term “quarter life crisis” must have subconsciously stuck with me though and I had forgotten all about it until recently when somebody asked me what had been up with me lately and in a rather “meh” tone of voice I told them of this theory of the quarter life crisis.

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GamingLives Podcast Episode 2

It’s the tough second album for the gaminglives podcast – think we did pretty well.

As usual a massive thanks to the thousands that downloaded it and the first episode – dunno why I’m saying thanks here about 2 of you probably picked it up from my blog – big thanks anyway.

lol – to think me and Adam said we’d be happy with 500 listeners by the 6 month episode too – how wrong we’re we?

❤ Lee

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Mass Effect 3 iPad wallpapers

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Stoppit and Tidyup

Decided it was time I tidied this place up. I got bored of the old look it was starting to look old and piggy.
I’ll mostly be posting up all my E3 2011 stuff  back up over the next few days, sucks to be you guys – your gonna have to of pretended to have read it all over again.

Pax day one

Pax day one – lorna interviewed tell tale games about jurrasic park, got a signed blue knight from castle crashers, Griffin Ramsey said I had a cute accent, spoke to Gus and Geoff who signed my rvb box, set chatted shit with Bernie Burns for ages, interviewed Greg from super giant games, watched a presentation on LA Noire (so fucking good) got a ton of free shit and I’m currently at a VIP party (yeah VIP bitches) party for Brink. Mark and Lorna say hi. If anyone talks to my mum tell her I’ve not been shot yet.

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The Greatest Piece Of Advice In The History of Everything Ever.

I’ve got a couple of awesome things gaminglives related coming up soon some which you may know about and some which you don’t. After taking a moment to reflect on it all and work out how to actually do it all I got thinking about how it got started and that on-the-fence decision making process that people make just before hitting send or taking that deep breath before they speak up.

For anybody trying to make one of those decisions here is my advise to you

Which technically isn’t my advice at all.

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PAX Pennies

Going to PAX East – wooooooooooooooo!

Came back home yesterday to find my sister had been round and counted all of my pennies out of the copper jar all £78.something of it. I’ve also cancelled all my game pre-orders and am knocking down my mobile contract to help fund paying for shit, I don’t think I have any council tax either next month so I should be OK for wasting it all on american burgers and toys.

I’d made a hash of bagging up the PAX pennies though and the chap in the bank was not happy with me. He had to keep messing around with his little scales then got mardy because I didn’t have one of those paying in slip things. Why is it not as easy as just giving the guy your bank card and the money and saying “put that in there would you please”? The banks in Azeroth work that way why cant HSBC?

But there he was huffing around behind his little grenade proof window when a bag broke spilling coins everywhere, I laughed.

That didn’t go down to well either.

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The Lost Week of Justbiglee


Last Tuesday was as bollock boring as most of my Tuesday’s until I went around mums for dinner. She asked me if I was going to the video game BAFTAS because she seen “that comedian bloke” (Dara Ó Briain) on the news talking about them.  She seem most disappointed that I didn’t have an invite which I found funny and decided to put on twitter. Kevin (man from a rather large games company, who is attending) rubbed in that he would be there much to my mothers annoyance and now has decided that Kevin is evil and such has been placed firmly in the “bad books”.

Few minutes later I get a text saying that I shall go to the ball – “oh shit I don’t wanna go the BAFTAS, I don’t own a suit!” was the only thought that ran through my head.

Luckily for me is was about a trip to PAX East which I’m hoping doesn’t require use of a suit. The rest of Tuesday was spent making the arrangements like flights, hotels etc so hence no post.

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