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Everything That Is Wrong With My Internet

I got annoyed with the internet and everything that is wrong with it last night and I’m in a place where I can’t really do anything this morning so I figured I’d share the list with you. Continue reading

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Back To See The Bitch.

Every once in a while you have to do something that you really don’t want to do, you don’t have to do it but if you want the thing you really want sometimes there really is only one person you can ask. I really want the Gears of War Epic Edition, problem I have though is that “the ex” (or gamestation as most people call it) is the one with the thing I need so I need to tuck my tail between my legs and go and play nice for ten minutes. Continue reading

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Batman Vs eBay

As some of you may know I had to list a load of my stuff on eBay recently so I could afford to pay to go to gamescom. I’ve had to list all sorts from comic books to a signed Castle Crasher figure. Surprise star of my listings happened to be this set of Batarangs that if I’m honest don’t think are worth the £82 they were going for…

until eBay closed the listing but an hour from its end and sent me the following reason.

Dear justbiglee,

We appreciate that you chose eBay to list your listing(s). However, we have removed your (s) because it breaches our Weapons and Knives policy.


290593118598 – Two Batman Begins Prop Replica Batarang and Case

Why did we remove your listing?
You have listed a Batarang. For safety concerns and in order to follow laws and regulations, we restrict the kinds of weapons and accessories that can be sold on Please note that eBay does not permit the sale of throwing stars, or any similar item. Please don’t relist this item. As we have noticed this is the first time you breached our policy, please take some time to read our help page below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

The email continued and led to to a section on the site where I could either call eBay to discuss my annoyance or enter a webchat… Webchat it is bitches…

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Popped in to see the ex today just to see how the bitch is getting on without me, I’d walked past her a few times this week in town and just blanked her. She pretended she didn’t see me but I know she did, what with her big fat nondescript face staring out onto the street. So I decided to pop in and say hello, see how the old cow is getting on. I crossed the threshold and hadn’t even made it to the wall of pre-owned (stolen) shit…

“You OK there? Need any help at all?”

oh you know what never mind.

The ex…


Gamestations Sinister Survey

So I had this email from gamestation today coz i’m one of those elite gamers innit. Here’s a copy

Dear Lee

As a key recruit to The Gamestation Elite we need your help. We’re exploring attitudes towards trade-in: why is it some people trade-in their old games or hardware and why is it some people just simply don’t? It’s a great opportunity for you to help us out and to improve the experience that we can provide to The Gamestation Elite.

If you could help us out with your thoughts in response to this questionnaire you will officially rule and as an added awesome bonus for helping us out, every respondent will be entered into a prize draw to win a 3DS!

For your chance to win fill out this survey!

All of your answers and details will be kept confidential in accordance with the MRS code of conduct.

Your views are important! We don’t call you the Elite for nothing, so spare us a few minutes of your time and help us plan our future for world domination.

The Gamestation Elite
Over and out!

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things to do when you have an E74 No3

why have you started at number 3 you ask ah ha well thats because step one was phone microsoft ( more on that tomorrow, maybe sunday)

step two was the wallpaper and step 3, is make a youtube video.

“what your joking right?”

“no i’m not joking have you not been paying attention??? – I HAVE NO XBOX!”

Right now microsoft are planning to asassinate your games console.
My elite and hard drive have been kidnaped. And the people I play with may be involved in both. My gamertags justbiglee.
And today is the longest day of my life.

Twitter feed occurs in real time.

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I want to cry

Why does it do this??? Please help


top 3 lied about gaming moments

big lees top 3 lied about gaming moments, i reverse order

3) portal – many people mention the cake being a lie, the people which normally rattle on about it are the same crowd than seen somebody else do half a level. it irritates the fuck out of me Continue reading