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GamingLives Podcast – Episode One

This is the big one, the one we’ve all been waiting for…

Well I say “we’ve” it was probably about 6 people… if that. Anyway between Adam, Ben, Mark, Lorna and I we finally got it sussed and while Adam my have learnt a few important lessons about background noise, the difference between open and closed headphones and the all round general shitness of Audacity – the four of us managed to pull off a bang tidy podcast.

Also on a bit of a side note (if any such people happen to read this) a big thanks to the GamingLives writers who have shown their support and an even bigger thank you to the wider GamingLives community who follow us on facebook, twitter and drop by the site everyday. I fucking love all 1468 of you.

❤ Lee

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Lifes A Game: Episode 4

Ed asked me to join him on his Life’s a game podcast the other week. How could anybody say no to Ed? Look at his cute ikkle face.

You can listen to it over on his website here

I’ll be honest I’m not sure I can remember what it was about now, I know somebody set Richie from Peoww off and that was him ranting for a good 20 mins – that alone would be worth a listen.

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