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The Time Me and Ben Snuck Back In The Room For A Go On Ridge Racer Unbounded

When we was in Germany for gamescom we managed to wangle a look at Ridge Racer Unbounded now I’ll be honest I probably felt the same as you initially when I heard that there was a new on on the way and “meh” pretty much summed it up. Then I saw this trailer and was sold. Now I’ve actually played the bloody thing I’ll be disc twitching till its out. I hate saying things like this but it could be the game Burnout Paradise fans have been looking for.

Some games have been around since what seems like the dawn of time, they have legions of fans and rarely change because… well they don’t need to. They have been around since the dawn of time and have legions of fans because they are widely considered to be ‘good games’. Eventually though, they are outdone by their competitors and they need to pull something drastic out of the bag and go for the reboot, they need that ‘Batman Begins’ moment if you will. Ridge Racer is the latest member of that club and, while the developers aren’t marketing it as a reboot, they quite easily could do.

A fresh tank of gas is just what the Ridge Racer series needs and that’s exactly what the guys and girls of Bugbear Entertainment and Namco have given it. Don’t start fanboy screaming just yet though, as everything you love about the Ridge Racer series still remains: the cars still have that Ridge Racer look to them and the sense of speed is still there, as is the ability to pull off those ridiculously long drifts around the game’s sweeping corners. The drifting, as you’d expect, helps to build your boost bar which can be spent on that extra bit of speed or, if you can save yourself, you’re able to blow your load on set sections of the tracks and do things like smash through thick concrete walls, creating shortcuts and altering the layout of the track for the next lap and the racers behind you. It’s not just these set piece sections that are destructible though; it’s possible to turn a fair bit of the track to rubble all in the name of building up your boost – as a loose rule if it has yellow and black stripy bits on it you’re going to wind up in tiny pieces scattered across the road, but anything else seems to be fair game for a good smashing.

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The Resistance 3 Interview with Jon Pacquette I Did.

-For some dumb ass reason at every press presentation I’ve ever been to they guy from the studio will ask “has anybody got any questions?” and nobody ever does! What the fuck – fucking pretend “journalists” granted I wouldn’t go as far as to call my self a journalist but if some guy has just asked me if I want to know more the answer is “yeah I do” and if all else fails rather than sit there in awkwardness I’ll just chat shit about games. So here is the time such an instance occurred after being shown Resistance 3.

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The Time We Went To Germany And Samuel Got Robbed

It’s these two thirty in the morning starts that sometimes make me wish I was a casual gamer. At least that was how I felt this morning when some dubstep bollocks was blasting out of my alarm clock. Well, I think it was du step; I’m not entirely sure what dubstep is if I’m honest. Loads of boring driving and a short flight, blah blah blah skip to the end and I’m now sat in our hotel room in Cologne. I’m feeling differently about it now; I’m glad to be a ‘core gamer, I’m looking forward to all the things we’ll be seeing in the next few days and whatever trouble Ben and I can get ourselves into this time around in our great Gamescom adventure.

I’ve felt like we were forgetting something all the way over here, but it only just dawned on me what it was or, should I say, “who”. Sadly, Lorna’s not joining us on our adventures this time, so this whole thing could go tits up pretty quick without her keeping us all in check. In her place is the Cornish wonder known as Samuel; this whole expo thing is a bit new to him, and Ben and I have been winding him up by telling him he needs a tie for the Sony press conference and stuff like that. We laugh about it when he’s not looking, but we were that green once. He’s currently fannying about with his new camera while dressed like he’s going clay pigeon shooting; bless him, I’m sure he’ll do fine. Ben and I have decided we are playing Top Gear rules this trip anyway, which means if anybody falls behind they get left behind; that and we might try set fire to a caravan if possible.

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