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The Resistance 3 Interview with Jon Pacquette I Did.

-For some dumb ass reason at every press presentation I’ve ever been to they guy from the studio will ask “has anybody got any questions?” and nobody ever does! What the fuck – fucking pretend “journalists” granted I wouldn’t go as far as to call my self a journalist but if some guy has just asked me if I want to know more the answer is “yeah I do” and if all else fails rather than sit there in awkwardness I’ll just chat shit about games. So here is the time such an instance occurred after being shown Resistance 3.

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The Time I Spoke To Sean From Hello Games

I love talking to indies, everybody in the games industry is pretty cool as a rule but anybody who is an indie just has the special aura around them.

No expensive flights or hotels for these guys, they loaded up a transit van with all their own stuff and drove!

Hello Games I salute you.

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Bodycount Interview

One of the great things about E3 is that you’re never too far from a developer or somebody from a game studio, and while I was wandering around after seeing Saints Row in the south hall, I happened across a few consoles running Codemasters’ upcoming O.T.T.F.P.S. (over the top first person shooter – that’s what I’m calling them, deal with it). It was just sat in the midpoint of a level where the previous gamer had wandered off and I picked up the pad. I was stuck in a shed with one of them big buggers outside lumping around a mini gun looking for someone to shoot. It goes without saying I died a lot; I tried everything I could to take him down but I kept getting killed.

As the time passes I started to become more aware that I was having trouble with what I’m guessing should be an easy part of the game. “You struggling mate?” said an Englishman stood behind me, “yeah just a bit; show me how it’s done” and I passed him the pad. He introduced himself as John Gittens, the games brand manager, as he took the pad off me and continued to show me how to get killed by the big bugger with the mini gun multiple times before finally hitting restart level while I broke out my best Lois Lane on-the-spot interviewing skills.

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Saints Row The Third Interview With Writer Drew Holmes

Watching somebody take one to the nuts is always funny.  Granted, I know it’s low-brow, but still, you’re a liar if you’ve never laughed when you’ve seen it happen. Saints Row The Third isn’t all nutshots though, it’s a full-on colourful experience that just lets you have fun, no moping around in dark grey and brown tinted city streets trying to become a big shot. In Saints Row The Third youare the big shot and, after getting the chance to see Saints Row The Third in action at this year’s E3 Expo, I managed to grab hold of Drew Holmes, one of the writers, at Volition for a quick chat about all things Saints Row.

First things first – you’ve moved the Saints from the city of Stilwater to the new city of Steelport, what prompted the change of scenery?

Well we wanted to give the players a new environment to play around with, you know we’d been in Stilwater for the first two games. We wanted a new city for people to explore and we also wanted to build it to really enhance the type of gameplay that we were going for this time around. Just ridiculous, over the top, filled with pleasure experience and we wanted to craft the city so the player can take advantage of all the tools and toys we’re going to be throwing at them.

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