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Darksiders II Preview – The Game That Isn’t Getting Enough Attention

The first Darksiders didn’t get the attention it deserved from the general gaming public, which is a shame because its a fucking good game. Sadly Darksiders II seems to be going the same way. You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that this is worth keeping an eye on.

Following up from what was one of my favourite games of last year, Darksiders II puts you in control of another of the Horseman of the Apocalypse, this time… Death. To bring anybody up to speed who hadn’t played the first game, you played as War, one of the Four Horseman who was summoned to earth to stop a battle that had broken out between the angels and the demons. The game’s mythology treats the Horsemen as enforcers of a treaty between Heaven and Hell who were to be summoned when the seventh seal was broken. Somebody is playing games though, and War is somehow summoned to Earth during a battle between Heaven and Hell, without the aid of his brothers and without the seventh seal ever being broken. War is basically fitted up for starting the fight and sentenced to death, but is given one last chance to find the one responsible for summoning him and restore the balance.

Darksiders II further builds on that story and the mythology of the first game by telling parts of the same story from a completely different perspective. It takes place in parallel to the story of the first game, as Death is trying to find out what has happened to his brother War and why he was wrongly accused of instigating the apocalypse. Death plays very differently to how War did in the first title; War was very much the warrior while Death is kind of the rogue of the group; he’s much faster, more agile and will dodge incoming enemies attacks rather than blocking them. Death also has far greater customisability, allowing you to focus how you want to upgrade your skills and traits so that you can play the game your way and increase your skills with, say, heavy weapons if you want to.  While it’s not full-on hardcore RPG type stuff, it does add that extra little layer of depth that I’m sure most will love. This new customisability extends itself further and you’ll be able to purchase new armour from vendors in towns, or equip pieces you may find on your travels, so while War in the first game was very much War all the way through, Darksiders developers say that its possible for you to have a completely different Death from any of your friends after just an hour of play.

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Saints Row: The Third Hands-On Preview

It’s no secret that I already love Saints Row: The Third – I was sold on it at E3, and now I’ve had the chance to play it at GamesCom I’m really sold. During my hour with the game I got to play out the story mission where the Saints rob a bank, and also spent a good forty-five minutes dicking about in free roam. The mission I got to play out was one that I had watched back at E3, where it starts off in an elevator with Johnny Gat putting on what is quite possibly one of the best disguises ever. The Third Street Saints are about to rob the bank disguised as themselves. So on go the giant bobblehead masks, and out come the machine guns.

When you reach the bank lobby, which must be about forty floors up, the shit hits the fan, and the next thing you know is the old biddies behind the counter have pulled out AK-47’s on you and a firefight ensues. As this firefight plays out, and during all of the other smaller gunfights in this mission, the Saints are constantly bantering with each other and referring to things which are going on around them – even taking the piss out of the enemies that are attacking them. Once at the vault, Johnny Gat realizes there is no way that you’re getting it open and it’s time for Plan B. A plan that is even more stupid than Plan A, but a plan so stupid it just might work. What you need to do next is make your way upstairs above the vault and plant explosive charges, blowing the roof off so a chopper can come in and airlift out your crew and the bank vault full of cash.

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Saints Row The Third Interview With Writer Drew Holmes

Watching somebody take one to the nuts is always funny.  Granted, I know it’s low-brow, but still, you’re a liar if you’ve never laughed when you’ve seen it happen. Saints Row The Third isn’t all nutshots though, it’s a full-on colourful experience that just lets you have fun, no moping around in dark grey and brown tinted city streets trying to become a big shot. In Saints Row The Third youare the big shot and, after getting the chance to see Saints Row The Third in action at this year’s E3 Expo, I managed to grab hold of Drew Holmes, one of the writers, at Volition for a quick chat about all things Saints Row.

First things first – you’ve moved the Saints from the city of Stilwater to the new city of Steelport, what prompted the change of scenery?

Well we wanted to give the players a new environment to play around with, you know we’d been in Stilwater for the first two games. We wanted a new city for people to explore and we also wanted to build it to really enhance the type of gameplay that we were going for this time around. Just ridiculous, over the top, filled with pleasure experience and we wanted to craft the city so the player can take advantage of all the tools and toys we’re going to be throwing at them.

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Saints Row The Third Preview

Steelport; man what a city.  Only in Steelport could a person freely walk down the street and punch a homeless man in the crotch; only in Steelport could a man pile-drive a hooker into the pavement and only in Steelport could the rag-tag bunch of numpty arse gangsters known as the Saints become more than just a gang. The Saints have now become a brand, part of popular culture; they have energy drinks, branded clothing, record deals even a movie in production. Everybody wants to be in the Saints but does everybody know just what they are letting themselves in for?

Our demo starts in an area of Steelport owned by a gang known as the Luchadores, an Mexican wrestling gang who specialise in the drug and gambling trades. Our guide from THQ describes Saints Row The Third as “the most over the top, biggest guilty pleasure in gaming” as he proceeds to punch an old man in the face.  “As you can see, Steelport is a very friendly place,” at which point he suplexs a perfectly innocent hooker into the ground. “Our goal was to create a sandbox where nothing is scrip…” he pauses and I wince as he lays the boot into a poor guy’s nuts before continuing “…where nothing is scripted and everything is dynamic, and the players have the freedom and choice to do what they want, but of course we want them to do what they want Saints Row style.”  He runs up behind somebody who I suspect may have been a pimp, jumps in the air and then dropkicks the back of his head, smashing it into the sidewalk. That “awwww” noise which translates into “that must have hurt” flows through the room before turning into laughter at the absurdity of everything we just witnessed. Next, we’re shown a glimpse of the many different groin shots available including, but not limited to, a straight up punch to the nuts, a boot to the bollocks and weapon specific crotch shots – one of which involved tossing a shotgun in the air, catching the end of the barrel and the using it like a golf club on some poor bastard’s scrotum. Next up, we’re presented with a larger-than-humanly-possible purple dildo, which our character casually whips from his pocket and starts to beat the poor, helpless hookers and pimps who are just trying to make a living. With the dildo now safely back in his pocket we’re shown a new weapon known as the Apoca-fists – a big pair of fist shaped gloves with the Apocalypse stitched into the fabric.  One punch to the gonads with these will result in the rest of you being turned into a fine red mist.

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